January 28, 814


Pepin the Short (714-768)


Bertrada of Laon (720-783)


With brother, 768-771
Alone, 771-814

Charlemagne (747-814) was Duke of Bavaria and King of the Franks. He was also the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.


Charlemagne first ruled the region that would become France in the year 768, ruling with his brother after the death of his father, Pepin the Short. His brother also died in 771, leaving the kingdom entirely in his hands.

The History Wiki article on Charlemagne reads:

"Over the course of his reign, Charlemagne made warfare a religious activity with the intent of expanding the reach of Christianity. With the notable exceptions of Northern-most Europe and the Iberian Peninsula, almost all of Western Europe was contained within his empire at the time of his death. It was in 795 that the Holy Roman Empire was established with Charlemagne as the first emperor."

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