Dawn's Early Light War

Side 1

Shadow Warriors
Dawn's Early Light
Sons of Anarchy

Side 2

Legion of Valor
Irish Rebels
Disciples of Valor

The Dawn's Early Light War was a short and fast war in Lords&Knights that started and ended around June of 2012. It originally began as a plan by Legion of Valor to attack Dawn's Early Light. The problems arose when right before the attack, Dawn's Early Light merged with Shadow Warriors, an ally of Legion of Valor. Attacks were thrown on both sides, with losses on both sides in large numbers. The fighting began to involve Disciples of Valor and Irish Rebels, the wings of Legion of Valor. Sons of Anarchy sided with Shadow Warriors, almost turning the attack into a full-fledged server war. Both sides realized that the war would keep dragging on until everyone was hurt, so a cease-fire was called on both sides, although many attacks still were sent from the Shadow Warriors' side. The war didn't cause too much of a problem, but the immediate cease-fire ruined many plans, Silver, and troops on Legion of Valor's side. In the aftermath of the war, Legion of Valor lost Sons of Ares as an ally because they found it not honorable to attack a small alliance like Dawn's Early Light. In North America 2, relations between Dawn's Early and Legion of Valor are good, as they are part of a coalition together. The war however, caused a much more disastrous outcome: the Sons of Ares War.


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