The Hundred Years' War was a series of military conflicts involving the Kingdom of England against the Kingdom of France from 1337 until 1453, or around 116 years. The war was initiated by the House of Plantagenet to take control of French territories, ruled over by the House of Valois, yet it brung a number of cobelligerents along the way.

Phases and BattlesEdit

  • Edwardian War (1337-1360)
    • Battle of Cadzand
    • Battle of Arnemuiden
    • Battle of Sluys
    • Battle of Saint-Omer
    • Battle of Champtoceaux
    • Battle of Brest
    • Battle of Morlaix
    • Battle of Auberoche
    • Battle of Saint-Pol-de-Léon
    • Battle of Caen
    • Battle of Blanchetaque
    • Battle of Crécy
    • Battle of Neville's Cross
    • Battle of La Roche-Derrien
    • Battle of Winchelsea
    • Battle of Ardres
    • Battle of Mauron
    • Battle of Comborn
    • Battle of Montmuran
    • Battle of Poitiers
  • Caroline War (1369-1389)
  • Lancastrian War (1415-1453)

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