Sons of Ares War

Side 1

Sons of Ares
Shadow Warriors
Sons of Ares Wing
Dawn of Anarchy (Dawn's Early Light and Sons of Anarchy)

Side 2

Legion of Valor
The Black Battalion
The Royal Battalion


North America 1

The Sons of Ares War began when Shadow Warriors (and wings) along with Sons of Ares (also with wings) broke a ceasefire against Legion of Valor. Because of LoV's surprise, they had no time to plan, and players were told to go into Vacation Mode. Many players didn't however, and did not get any support from those in vacation. Many top players in Legion of Valor left to other alliances. Irish Rebels and Disciples of Valor renounced their ties to LoV and became independent alliances because of bribes from Ares. The Black Battalion, however, was looking for a target and just had an opening. They then declared war on Sons of Ares also. They once called them "Sons of Fairies". For the war declaration though, Seal Team Six and Nostria, BB's own sister alliance, changed their diplomacy to neutral. Legion of Valor dropped many rankings from players leaving, but Sons of Ares was also falling. A ceasefire was called, but Shadow Warriors continued to attack, showing that they do not hold their vows. Legion of Valor may call another ceasefire, but will not trust Shadow Warriors one bit on agreeing to it.


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