The Knight's Watch



Alliance Status:

Active (USA 9)

Points/Points Avg:

430,002 (4057 avg)

Position is Rankings:





The Knight's Shadow (TKS)

Blood Knights of TKW

The Knight's Watch, A.K.A. "TKW" was founded on March 3rd, 2015. Since their founding,"TKW" has been one of the top alliances on USA 9, currently holding the number one position.

The Knight's Watch Motto:

"We are a Brotherhood Dedicated to Loyalty and Growth.

Membership is Open to All Active Players.

We Work Together for the Betterment of Our Alliance.

We Will Support Our Allies and Team Members Fiercely."


The Knight's Watch is open to active members who receive invitation or are currently in one of the two alliance's wings. For players seeking acceptance into "TKW", it is recommened to have at least 1,000 points on your total account and be an active member in one of the wings. This is a common requirement for most players. Membership in the alliance varies but it usually stays around 100-110 members with a 150 player limit.


Vassal/ Leige Lord:

Blood Knights of TKW

The Knight's Shadow

Dead Soul

The Dawning Dead

Dead Souls Legion

The Walking Dead

Blood of TKW


Ancient Kings

Battle Born

Red North NASC Souls

Ancient Blood

Non-Aggression Pact:


The Risen Legion

Knights Radiant

Dunder Mifflin

Paradise Realty



Monsters Inc

SH Meeting Hall

USA 9 News

Proven Few


Dirty Dozen

Fire & Ice


General Activity:

Although always active, "TKW" has a strong principle of not starting wars, despite this they have been forced into multiple wars spanning various lengths. The alliance normally adds to the Stronghold, seeks non-aggression pacts or allies within the server and compete/talk with one another on the alliance fourms. Almost all players are active daily and those who are inactive get recyled after a time. Many members seek to hold a castle within the Stronghold as it is heavily protected and one of the largest on USA 9. The 48 hour rule IS observed. *Note - Castles within the Stronghold may be forfeit upon leaving the alliance.*

Acts of War:

These actions against The Knight's Watch are considered Acts of War:

  • Spying on TKW castles.
  • Recruiting TKW members/ Taking inactives w/o consent.
  • Openly attacking the Stronghold.

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