Valhalla War

Side 1

Warriors of Valhalla

Side 2

Seal Team Six
Legion of Valor
Royal Knights/The Royal Battalion
Sons of Anarchy

The Valhalla War, a war in Lords&Knights North America 1 server, was a major event in the history of the game. The war began as Warriors of Valhalla, a fairly large alliance decided to attack Royal Knights, an ally of theirs (Now The Royal Battalion). Valhalla, known as WoV, was looked at with disgust for such a treacherous move. Many alliances went together including Legion of Valor, STS, Royal Knights themselves, and Sons of Anarchy, among others. Because of the difference in the sides, Valhalla was crushed. The once great alliance was pushed under the bottom 100. The war could have easily been avoided with more caution and care from Valhalla's leaders and diplomats.

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